Astix Solutions:Empowering Sales Force

Astix Intelligence Management Systems closely works with IT & Sales teams across FMCG companies and helps business use the power of automation & artificial intelligence to convert raw operational data into meaningful individualized insights targeted at each member of the sales, force from the field sales rep to the sales director. The General Trade channel still contributes over 80 percent or more of sales and will continue to do so. Today’s market place is fiercely competitive with sales team fighting over limited shelf space in stores, brands can no longer solely depend on the selling skills & motivation of the front-line sales force. Brands now require the sales force, whether for the distributor or for the company, to be brand custodians of each store and this requires each store to be treated uniquely. Ensuring the right product mix, the right quantity and the right products to introduce in each call cannot be done manually & this is where the overall Sales Performance Maximizer eco-system plays a critical role.

Using sophisticated algorithms and rules, with power of computing now available, Astix analyzes stores at the micro level to provide intelligent insights to each sales rep at each step of the sales call process on actions to be taken. This shows up on the field app that each sales rep is using at the start of the day, just before the call is made and during the actual call process, so as to enable the sale rep to make an optimal call. This is repeated day after day which ultimately leads to higher productivity and higher sales. All members of the sales teams including the distributors, supervisors, front-line managers, analysts, manager and leaders are all connected to the same eco-system and receive insights / view reports which are customized to the individual needs enabling more informed decisions. Distributor operations from purchase, order booking, stock management, stock replenishment etc., are all managed on the DMS module. Supervisors receive real time information on lead indicators of each of the sales reps facilitating enhanced planning, monitoring and control of activities. Managers can plan sales activities at more granular levels and plans made are automatically translated into action steps for the front line sales force.

Strategy and Execution Excellence are both complementary and one without the other is ineffective. The Sales Performance Maximizer
ecosystem with a set of different modules covering managed data covering managed data capture, geotagging, business intelligence, analytics and data integration, working across different devices across the mobile phone and web portal, helps in bringing both strategy and execution excellence under one platform.

Astix has worked with a few FMCG companies on a project basis and recently has launched the Sales Performance Maximizer (SPM) eco-system

Astix Solutions has had many years of experience in working with sales teams, refining sales related processes aligned with digitization, adopting business intelligence as a key decision support system, creating management dashboards, and meeting the needs to managers across different levels. Moreover, in the near past, the company has also started sales training primarily focused on E-Learning & Assessments.

One of the largest global FMCG giants continues using Astix’ data integration and BI solution for all secondary sales reporting across India as well as for Modern Retail reporting for Eastern Europe. The organization’s E-Learning platform covers over 3000 field sales users across India, providing E-Learning based content as well as new joinee on-boarding across the web and mobile.

Over the years, Astix has worked with a few FMCG companies on a project basis and recently has launched the Sales Performance Maximizer (SPM) eco-system based on all the learning gained working with some of the largest FMCG companies across the world. Astix has gathered significant traction with the SPM solution and in a short span of time, is working with both small and large FMCG companies.

Astix’ primary objective has always been to enable personnel to use insights provided at the right time to be able to perform better. This serves the philosophy of the solution that is to harness the power of analytics and AI in order to provide the right insight at the right time to the right person. Astix’ sound technical expertise has enabled the company to leverage the best of technologies in building services and solutions that is in sync with sales-heavy requisites of tomorrow.