CloudVandana: A Transformational Facet in CRM with Salesforce

Atul Gupta, CEO& Founder
The huge upsetting of the concept of the on-premise Customer Relationship Management(CRM)model with Cloud CRM has certainly eased up processes.It has shifted the focus of businesses from products or services to the people buying those products. Right from owning a small shop to a fortune 500 business, everyone can mine the benefits of data with CRM’s best version-the Salesforce. It offers everything needed to make operations faster and easier to close sales for a business.

New Delhi headquartered Cloud Vandana is a Salesforce first IT company that offers business process consulting and development services through Salesforce Platform and its extended offering. The company with its deep domain expertise in Salesforce platform and experience of over 100 successful projects, offers solutions to businesses with increased RoIand improved customer experience. While price of the services offered usually determines the continuity of businesses, CloudVandana revives the customer experience across all touch points with brand, speed and mechanism of delivery. Company’s Salesforce offerings include Quick Start Salesforce Implementations, Salesforce Consulting and Architecture Design, Custom Salesforce Implementations, Data Integration with External Systems, Salesforce Lightning Migration and Lightning Components Development.

On boarding Businesses with Salesforce Cloud
Recent time is ripe with examples of faulty integration of business operations with solutions. This has resulted in various cost repercussions and time lags. CloudVandana aptly identifies the requirements of clients through appropriate measures of consultation-the primary range of services offered by the company. Introspecting appropriately through the clients’ needs, CloudVandana strengthens the Salesforce platform not only with consultation but also with the Custom Salesforce Implementation process to improve business output.
The conventional method of Customer Relation Management still is based on the cycle of Marketing, Sales, Feedback and Services support. In fact, converting marketing leads into buyers and finding efficient ways to promote and advertise are the two areas where the small businesses struggle the most. Before software was available, businesses had to store their valuable customer information in spreadsheets and excel sheet. CloudVandana on the contrary, provices to enable a modern seamless CRM approach to help overcome customer acquisition and retention challenges. A Salesforce CRM platform keeps a track of the potential customers and therefore a central location to store the data becomes prerequisite. Moreover, efforts to acquire the data for numerous contacts of different individuals at different instances render the whole data system vulnerable. This becomes of utmost importance to authorize right people at right time to the right kind of information set without data pilferages and leakages. This automatically is addressed by CloudVandana's Centralized Data Migration and Management with Salesforce, where reporting and analyzing plays a great role in decision making.

Introspecting appropriately through the clients’ needs, Cloud Vandana strengthens the Salesforce platform not only with consultation but also with the Custom Salesforce Implementation

Shaping Sales with Salesforce CRM
Salesforce Solution is about seamless integration of customized features, speed of deployment and analyzed reporting. This benchmark is being set by CloudVandana's tools and strategies. The company is all set to step into app Exchange products as well, while expanding the global footprint. CloudVandana’s architectural designs of businesses stand at the precursor of modernized notion of CRM as compared to traditional CRM approaches.