Cymetrix: Meeting SMEs CRM Requirements

Prakash Kolhe, CEO
Customer relationship management(CRM)can often be the secret sauce that transforms SMEs into a strong, vibrant and rapidly growing one. Based out of Mumbai, Cymetrix Software is an innovative Salesforce Consulting Partner having end-to-end capability for complete Salesforce consulting, cloud implementation, customization, integration, migration, user training, maintenance and support. Cymetrix also has office in California to provide services to its US based client. With a team of certified and experienced Salesforce consultants, architects, developers and testers, Cymetrix provides full cycle Salesforce consulting services. Cymetrix works towards enabling small and medium businesses to leverage power of technology to increase their customer’s pie of business by demonstrating improved response times and better understanding of customer. Cymetrix is also equipped with capabilities to cater to services around Salesforce products like Sales cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Community cloud, Migration to Lightening, Salesforce Mulesoft integration, Salesforce Google ac-count integration and others.

Touching Every Node of CRM Journey
Data Migration,Integration and maintenance are some of the most significantare some of the most significant challenges that organization face, both when they are first starting out on Salesforce implemention journey and life cycle beyond that. While proposing services to their customer, cymetrix proposition always includes the scope of data migration and necessary integration, as part of a responsibility. Thus helps in avoiding a lot of ambiguity and uncertainty amongst clients. At the same time, while proposing for maintenance, cymetrix recommends for yearly maintenance engagement . we do not want to leave customer in lurch after implemention”, add Prakash kolhe, CEO at Cymetrix , this salesforce
enable’s maintenance services are always accomplished by SLAs, Thus ensuring skin in the game. In time ensuring skin in the game. In time business look forward to the reduction of annual maintenance cost of the solution implemented cost reduction and saving year on year basis, cymetrix is quite open to flexibility in engagement model.

Cymetrix has developed few useful apps on salesforce's force. Com as well. These apps can be deployed by clients for achieving functionalities for optimal usage of enterprise salesforce licenses. Cymetrix has the methodology and process to help client decide on right choice of salesforce licenses.

Cymetrix is quite open to flexibility in engagement model

Cymetrix team of experts is skilled to develop and deploy a large variety of applications. The team is skilled at Apex development and Visual Force design to develop custom applications. Assistance from Cymetrix consultant takes a small and medium business a long way in terms of productivity and business growth.

In a recent venture, an organization struggling with the productivity of their sales team and limited visibility to management on the efforts put by their sales team, approached Cymetrix. Cymetrix developed a custom solution for the client giving a360 degree visibility on the sales team’s meeting schedules.The solution also helped to enhance the business intelligence over the revenue being generated from the efforts spent, along with gamification on “quality of leads and opportunities” for which sales team is spending their bandwidth.

Cymetrix's major innovation goals are directed towards increasing the effectiveness of sales and marketing team and developing applications around business solutions in Finance, Manufacturing. Cymetrix has plans to serve their US clients as well. Already, 90 percent of Cymetrix comprises of Salesforce certified staffs. With such expert panel on board, Cymetrix envisages becoming the ‘go to partner for CRM implementation’ in the years to come.