Finesse IT Labs: With Essentials of Business Acumen for Comprehensive Salesforce Enablement

Management Team
With the ubiquitous nature of CRM being carried on the digital transformation wave, it is safe to call CRM a phenomenon and not just a trend. Having stated that, businesses need to pin point the most suitable CRM enabler which can understand their business up close. Headquartered in Dubai, Finesse IT Labs Private Limited helps businesses reap the biggest gains in productivity which by moving beyond CRM as a sales and marketing tool, and embedding it in a business from HR to customer services and supply chain management. Finesse, a ‘Red Herring Global Top 100 System Integration Company and winner of sev-eral accolades and awards, is also one of the most trusted system integrator focusing on enabling digital transformation helping over 200+ enterprise clients. Finesse drives digital transformation by a comprehensive approach starting with business process re-engineering, digital design and architecting, deployment and maintenance of business critical solutions and services. These are on the cloud, on premises and hybrid model which is based on the requirement of the client.

Finesse enters ventures with various industries’ leading technology companies across the globe to deliver customized solutions and services tailored to the unique situation of every client. Finesse has recorded success stories across 120+ financial institutions world-wide including 80 percent banks in UAE. This figure speaks only for banks; industries in Healthcare, Retail, Infrastructure, Energy, Education, Pharmaceuticals, Aviation, and Government /Public have seen their share of Finesse’ brilliance.
Sleek Approach to Comprehensively Complex Problems
Moreover, as one of the most trusted Salesforce partner in Dubai, UAE, India and other GCC countries, Finesse has certified experts to understand unique business needs, and customize the CRM to fit client’s requirement. Finesse helps clients unlock capabilities on the go, including social, mo-bile and analytics, leading to enhanced productivity, win rates and revenue. It allows them to pull together a 360-degree view of their customer. Manage their pipeline & forecasts, address complex commission models, and facilitate order management efficiently. Finesse’ USP is its capability as a System Integrators and not just a salesforce reseller. By providing customised consulting, supply, installation and integration of various solutions and support services, Finesse has earned a reputation of a multi disciplinary digital transformation enabler.

A company founded in 1993, specializes in the engineering and manufacturing of vacuum cleaners, hand dryers, bladeless fans and heaters. The business was in doldrums when the company had to face the lack of visibility into their revenue-generating deals within their pipeline. Finesse was able to solve issues like poor customer engagement and lack of pipeline visibility by implementing Salesforce Sales Cloud Console which included Sales Cloud CRM functionality, realtime reporting and dashboards, duplicate record prevention, Bidirectional PMS integration.

When questioned on the scope of this domain in future, Krupesh Shah, Senior Manager Solution Sales- Director & CTO at Finesse explains, “The cloud enabled business environment fundamentally means the changing ways of managing cloud by organizations. In response, the IT channel needs to review and adapt how they sell their offerings. Of course the crucial role of resellers still remains in providing advice and education to the end users”. While working working on several AI based CEM/CRM, Blockchain & RPA projects in parallel, Finesse intends to packet these offerings for various industries with applicable business use cases.