GetOnCRM: Customized CRM for Diverse Businesses

Customer Relationship Management has no absolutes. It constantly evolves and reflects trends and innovations in information technology, which is undoubtedly a good thing. And there is no denying that the continuous enhancement of CRM and associated technologies is largely the merit of Sales-force. However, there are businesses that prefer customized CRM solutions rather than going for a large scale deployment of Salesforce. Working to make easy the implementation of CRM for small and medium businesses, Ahmedabad headquartered GetOnCRM Solutions focuses on providing Salesforce customizations solutions.

The focus is distributed in 5 critical areas beginning with Salesforce implementation, followed by Custom development, Salesforce One(the mobility integration with Sales force CRM), Application exchange development and Salesforce integration with the 3rd party tools.

Having stable focus on these areas of Salesforce CRM, GetOnCRM also specializes in executing the implementation and customization of Apttus Quote-to-Cash with CPQ and CLM as key modules built on Salesforce. GetOnCRM has worked on numerous projects involving sales force integrations with dropbox, Quickbooks, Docusign, Echosign, Congo Composer, Amazon’s Alexa and custom products built on top of the salesforce.

An Approach for Value
The General Challenge as the Director, Minkesh Patel explains, is with
the crystallization of customer requirements. While GetOnCRM approaches clients to discuss the problem at hand, the company stresses more on understanding the customers business and not worry about technology at the time. Priority always is given to the business stand point. Based un such analysis Get On CRM prepares a the client is explained the constraints to the business in technology and salesforce implementation.

While GetOnCRM approaches clients to discuss the problem at hand, the company stresses more on understanding the customers’ business

GetOnCRM spends at least 5-6 months on each engineer before putting them on any project. The firm gives training of inhouse offerings and focuses primarily on understanding the businesses, as mentioned earlier. “So we recruit in such a way where they initially do the shadowing on any existing project in order to understand the lifecycle well and afterwards carry out an independent work”, adds Hardik Shah. The business requirement, documentation, lifecycle of the project and training of the man-force, build the differentiating factors that help GetOnCRM stand out in the market.

In the years to come, Nirav expresses to have immediate focus on becoming a salesforce specialist company while working for small and medium businesses requiring CRM. GetOnCRM in its future endeavours wishes to become a one stop shop for any CRM requirement, for every type of business.