PURVIEW: Providing Salesforce Automation Implementation Solutions, as PUR your VIEW

Punna Reddy, CEO
A complex implementation comes with the complex schedule of events. Delivering successful implementations without impacting service down time takes a lot more than just planning and status meetings. Teams are distributed globally; they need visibility to navigate task timelines, managing incidents, assets, user access, and Document.

Purview's journey started in 2010 with highly talented and frustrated executives who felt locked out of their repetitive business processes in a complex environment. When talent and experience of this extent is available and focused on one problem, making real-time implications and delivery decisions to business leaders-the by-product is a phenomenal solution and that’s what Purview did. The firm designed its own enterprise product (i8 End-to-end Implementation Solution)to effectively help customers facing the similar issue.

Purview’s model is an effective and efficient solution designed to manage complex service transition, desktop migrations, and outages. It connects in-house shared services, regional IT teams, and vendor teams, describes what needs to be done, when and by whom exactly. As most of their clients belong to the BFSI category, data security and integrity is always given the topmost priority. Currently, given Purview’s several years of expertise in providing Salesforce automated solutions on force.com platform, the company is in a position to re-architect any solution to a low risk, cost-effective and high impact end product.

Purview– Making Complex Solutions
‘Simple and Successful' Purview’s i8 is also helping its global clients in replacing their Legacy Systems with more contemporary digital and cloud-based solutions. One of Purview’s Fortune 100 Banking clients was facing consolidation complexities due to multiple
implementations in a complex environment. The solution provider's i8 resolves their problem while automating the complete complex environment and managed complex service transition projects, migrations, and outages.

Purview’s i8 is also helping its global clients in replacing their Legacy Systems with more contemporary digital and cloud-based solutions

Another of Purview’s coal mining client was looking for a way to consolidate CRM and field service management to increase productivity and enhance the experience for customers and team members. Using i8,they were able to analyse real-time delivery and actionable information using a variety of sources(such as IOT, Drones etc) across the whole mining field and other business areas. After implementing i8, our client has significantly decreased in terms of time and cost by more than 37percent.

Purview with its strong presence in UK, Europe and the Asia Pacific, makes it easy with its solutions’ core feature to enable to manage, execute and visualise in a single view. As we are a Salesforce implementation and ISV partner, our key capabilities and expertise are providing Salesforce CRM Consulting (Sales, Services, Marketing & Community), CloudServices and AppExchange Development.

The Future Purview
2017 was a big year for Purview; the company did spread its wings further in Europe and added few big names to the clientele. In 2018, Purview’s biggest goal is to reach further and deeper in Europe and providing the simplest Salesforce solution to the customer’s complicated pain areas for their sustainable growth. Purview is already working on its biggest and smartest BOT model to fulfill the demands and expectations of the growing customers’ base in the present dynamic world.