Qualityze: Transforming QMS into a Quality Decision Making Engine

Chandra Shekar, CEO
Innovative businesses are seeking out innovative partners with customer-centric business strategies in this competitive environment. Qualityze, built on the Salesforce technology platform is a catalyst for quality systems going forward. With its Next Generation Enterprise Quality Management Solution(EQMS), Qualityze prepares customers for competitive changes on the horizon while enabling them to solve traditional quality issues without being concerned about technology. Leveraging the dynamic Salesforce technology that is available today such as Analytics, Chatter, IoT, Community Portals, AI with a Lightning enabled interfaces, combined with Qualityze intellectual capital keeps customers competitive and helps them achieve greater success through a quality focus. Qualityze’s dedication to staying current with regulatory, compliance and certification process changes proves to be a winning combination.

Qualityze actively avoided outdated technology models that are more expensive to develop, maintain and deploy. These old technologies encourage customizations that are expensive to maintain and not needed when a highly configurable alternative is available and aligned with global regulatory,compliance and certification bodies.

In a recent venture with a USD3B enterprise, Qualityze worked with the organization to improve information gathered for a quality management system. Qualityze helped connect their customers through a Salesforce Customer Community portal. This led to reduction in intensive labor and high risks from the manual systems. Qualityze EQMS integrated with enterprise CRM and backend systems in just weeks brings manufacturers and its customers to interact closely with a customer-centric approach.
In the Interest of Next Generations Users
The last 10 years have seen a quantum leap in technology and having applications that look and act like a database will no longer be accepted by users. It is more about how a product’s user interface compares and drives like Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. With a Salesforce lightning enabled user interface, Qualityze EQMS brings together a new application interface environment that embraces these industry trends and looks forward to integrating AI and IoT to its core products.

Qualityze EQMS integrated with enterprise CRM and backend systems in just weeks brings manufacturers and its customers to interact closely with a customer-centric approach

Qualityze vision is to help customers create a ‘Culture of Quality’. The company's approach to building solutions on the Salesforce platform is to make the application easy to use with a one of a kind user interface that is intuitive and inclusive. “Manufacturers focused on a Culture of Quality will improve their product quality, quality analysis, and responsiveness to their customers”, stated Chandra Shekar, CEO at Qualityze. The CEO also explains those that drive quality excellence are “best in class” industry leaders and the Next Gen EQMS built on Salesforce is helping them achieve it.

There is a huge opportunity to elevate quality to a strategic discipline with the hands-on involvement of the C-Suite executives. With a steady focus on quality, Qualityze strives to leverage this opportunity and empower organizations to stay competitive, customer-centric, market-driven, and product-focused before and after the sale.