SupraSoft: Creating Social Enterprises by Streamlining Sales

Satyanarayana Reddy Kandimalla, MD
The focus of businesses on their own products or services has shifted to the people buying their products. Customer Relationship Management(CRM) has enabled this shift in this digital domain and henceforth laid down the economic foundation of the world. In particular the traditional businesses with only value proposition stand limited chances of surviving in this digital market place. Understanding the ways of engagement and changing those interactions to enhance the consumer experience unifies the content and experience made viable with CRM. SupraSoft a Hyderabad based IT solution provider, proffers the core CRM feature enabling the industries to capture their customers and products performances while identifying the patterns and predict the next best action with analytics cloud features. With its proven application software, business consulting solutions, cloud or infrastructure design, the company helps small or medium businesses to derive their business-specific goals. SupraSoft, as an authorized consulting partner for Salesforce, provides the best quality and cost-effective services in implementing the Salesforce CRM and other cloud-based applications to streamline sales processes, improve forecasts, connect new customers and thereby create a social enterprise. The company’s application development experts automate the enterprises’ unique processes to leverage the power of the clients’ platform.

Automating Enterprise's Unique Processes
Tailoring business requirements need to address business verticals around sales,customer service and marketing. Being an authorized consulting partner for Salesforce, SupraSoft, assists clients and advices in all aspects of project lifecycle including end-user and admin-user training, golive support, Ongoing Maintenance and support through Salesforce. The company involves CRM analyst and certified salesforce Administrator to be in touch with data owners from customer side which includes few procedures. After database
design the data templates are shared, post which the first set of data is collected. After wards, the ‘change request data’ are collected from customer side enabling SupraSoft to get ready with required data by the time of User Accepting Testing stage is reached to enhance the actual data and reports flow. The availability of application exchange product is checked after reviewing. If apps are found unsupportive of customer requirements, API research based on 3rd party ERP is undertaken with company’s specific accelerators and customer references.

SupraSoft, as an authorized consulting partner for Salesforce, provides the best quality and cost-effective services in implementing the Salesforce CRM

The re-imagined consumer like experience of Sales force users include event-driven architecture and a framework optimized for performance. Features like device aware and cross browser compatibility are proffered with responsive design while the Lightning Component Framework supports the latest updates in browser technologies like HTML5, and CSS3. The components are encapsulated keeping the internal data private and the public data visible to consumers. This separation gives component consumers, the freedom to change the internal implementation details and insulates the consumers from those changes while featuring seamless functions with desktop and mobile devices.

Future Driven Architecture
With offline functionality, the company is all set to bridge the current Geo-Tracking Gap with App Exchange App Development, especially with Field Force Management. This approach intentionally streamlines and makes tracking easier. SupraSoft vies to become a global partner and serve the customers globally in few years. SupraSoft makes effective and efficient sales operation with established salesforce practices instead of native app development.