Sycorax Systems: Boosting Growth and Productivity with Customized Salesforce Solutions

Gopal Das, Chief Technical Architect

CRM tool has risen in prominence owing to the growing emphasis on providing utmost customer experience, which has become a new parameter to judge a company’s success. Also, the technological advancement and digitization of business processes are driving businesses to adopt new enhanced technological tools over legacy systems like excel spreadsheet. Although the emerging Salesforce solutions look promising in taking the whole process several notches up, reaping the actual benefits might still be a challenge.

Experts suggest the Salesforce implementation decision has to be taken with due consideration of people, process and technology. As there is no denying the fact that CRM software is vital for the organizations, selecting the right CRM solution becomes imperative. However, one of the biggest business struggles is to find the best CRM solution, which suits the short and long term business goals. Most of the CRM implementation projects fail because of the lack of clearly defined CRM strategies which are not aligned with the business specific work requirement. And thus, the companies stand in need of customized solution providing integrated functions which would help the users adapt to it intuitively.

Perfectly understanding the existing challenges in the market, Sycorax Systems, established as Salesforce Consulting Company, comes forward with its range of solutions to provide firms with handpicked and hand-customized Salesforce products. The company has earned reputation in the market with its expertise in helping businesses with Salesforce Implementation, Development, Customization, Integration and Support needs. Sycorax Systems with its wide ranging Salesforce expertise and its depth of knowledge and understanding is boosting growth and
productivity of its client’s business.

Incorporating AI Capabilities
The company has a range of CRM cloud solutions namely sales cloud, marketing cloud, service cloud, commerce cloud, community cloud, Salesforce IoT cloud, and Salesforce Einstein. Salesforce Einstein is an advanced solution which incorporates the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence in the form of predictive analytics, natural language processing, and smart data discovery. The product helps companies get more data-driven insights in sales, marketing and service.

"The company has earned reputation in the market with its expertise in helping businesses with Salesforce Implementation,Development, Customization, Integration and Support needs"

Some of the major concerns that businesses have while implementing CRM solutions is the cost and time-to-market factors. To make the Salesforce Implementation simple, less time-consuming and cost-effective for its clients, the company deploys an effective team of experienced and certified Salesforce developers, administrators and architects. The company also assures accelerated delivery time lines with its onshore/ offshore work model and agile development processes.

Addressing the ERP integration needs of businesses, the company brings alignment between sales and resource management processes. Sycorax Systems, with its marketing automation integration is integrating CRM and marketing systems, streamlining leads and enhancing the marketing campaigns on sales. The company also provides integration facilities for social media to increase visibility and social channel performance. Similarly, the company’s product Science Soft assists in connecting third party computer telephony integration (CTI) systems. Under Email integration, the company provides integration with Microsoft Exchange and Outlook along with other emails.

Post Implementation Support
Post implementation of CRM products, companies face issues relating to production bugs, complex performance issues, adoption and other requirements. Providing best support, the company’s team attends to user training, troubleshooting, identifying improvements areas, bridging the gap and implementing custom features.