Ceptes Software: A Salesforce Boutique Firm Offering 360-Degree Solutions Under One Roof

CIO Vendor In the last decade or so, businesses have entirely changed the way we look at it. Today, we see a lot of digital transformation, and every business entity, whether an MNC or a small-scale operation, embraces digital transformation. Businesses are on the lookout for trusted partners to carry them through the digital paradigm shift process. They seek someone with a solid track record in the past; a partner focused on helping their partners achieve long-term success.

Salesforce has the capability to bring about a paradigm shift in digital transformation. Salesforce started as a CRM solution wherein salespeople could use the product to build customer relations effectively. Salesforce enables any business to start their operations within hours, overnight. Salesforce has got all the necessary arms and ammunition to transform and scale up a business digitally.

Bengaluru-based CEPTES Software has been involved in this particular domain of Salesforce implementation for the last 11 years, serving the global market across continents with over 1000s of Salesforce implementations backed by a perfect track record of success. Salesforce hugely depends on reliable partners like Ceptes to successfully implement for the customers. The company holds a sweet spot today in the Salesforce partner ecosystem.

Nowadays, there are multiple channels to go about one's business. It could be through social media channels or simply through WhatsApp marketing. Taking care of every channel and department, be it the marketing department, sales or service department, Ceptes covers the entire suite of services. How successfully someone implements Salesforce solutions will determine the future growth of any business. This is where a trusted partner like Ceptes comes into play, with certified Salesforce professionals having decades of experience under their belt. The firm not only helps with the implementation but also partners with clients for any upcoming support or changes in the future. In the entire technology journey, team Ceptes is there for its customers.

That is just one side of the coin from a Salesforce implementation standpoint. Salesforce also being a platform provider; any technopreneur or any successful technology company today can use it to scale up sales. If they wish to grow over the global market tomorrow, Ceptes comes off as the perfect partner as the company provides market applications to share into the global arena. Ceptes Software has come up with close to 10 public solutions that have served Fortune 100 companies across borders in Sales cycles spanning less than 8
to 4 weeks. Everything is executed remotely because there is a trust factor that Ceptes brings across to the table. "We are experts at taking technopreneurs or any technology firm to the nextlevel," reveals Priyaranjan Panigrahi, CEO, Ceptes Software.

Powering Your Future Through End-to-end Managed Services
Salesforce is the ultimate customer management solution. It enables access to any CRM for companies. The team of professionals at Ceptes are experts at taking local players to the global market, where they get access to more than 2,50000 customers across the globe.

"There are certain processes that we learn by not looking at the book but by gaining experience while working along with the customers. We in-built the processes as part of our work culture culture. We are working very closely with Salesforce, understanding their new features and upgrades, and we are constantly upskilling and re-skilling our employees. Every employee in our company eats, lives and breathes Salesforce," adds Priyaranjan during a recent interaction with the Editorial team.

Ceptes Software specializes in offering end-to-end managed services. When it comes to Salesforce, team Ceptes provides everything, whether in terms of DevOps Operations, Managed Service Operations, Consulting Services, Customization Operations, Data Integration Operations, Data Analysis Operations, AI in Salesforce, and much more. The company handholds clients through the entire process by drawing a vision for its customer's digital transformation. It's in Ceptes Software's DNA to understand the customer's vision and idea and accordingly suggest suitable Salesforce solutions.

Ceptes comes off as the perfect partner as the company provides market applications to share into the global arena

Over the years, Ceptes professionals have created solution agnostic products wherein customers just have to pay a monthly subscription fee, wherein, Ceptes experts would take care of support, maintenance, product update & release and all the jargons involved. All Ceptes products complement each other, and the company has created a structure that covers all the angles of Salesforce.

Furthermore, there is a requirement of 9.3 million jobs in the Indian Salesforce arena. Looking at the enormous demand, Ceptes has decided to skill up people through its entrepreneurship program. The company envisions being a five times bigger organization by 2023. Ceptes Software is on its way to playing a pivotal role in developing more solutions around Salesforce to develop more technopreneurs in India. And, ultimately envisions to create hundreds of entrepreneurs powered by the Ceptes Software.