Smijay Technologies: Rendering Customised Salesforce Services for Enhanced CX

CIO Vendor There is a myriad of benefits that come with Salesforce ­ the world's number one CRM platform. A company offering salesforce services and solutions, with expertise in salesforce development facilitates clients to build custom apps to meet a variety of business needs specific to their organization, right from process automation, data analytics, and regulatory compliance to new product development, customer support, and improved collaboration. Salesforce's multitenant cloud-based architecture and enhanced integration features make it possible to create solutions that define the business success of any organization.

One such company excelling in offering Salesforce services and solutions such as Salesforce Customization, Salesforce App Development, CPQ implementation, and Salesforce lightning solutions is Pune based Smijay Technologies.

"Having worked with a majority of clients from diverse fields, who have worked in different systems, we have understood that the biggest expectation from clients is adaptability and scalability. For instance, clients who are currently transitioning from other systems to Salesforce CPQ and Billing expect the new system to adapt to all their business processes, be scalable as well as easy to under-stand," explains Saket Joshi, Director of Smijay Technologies.

"We at Smijay Technologies understand the pain point of the customer and work on a solution that meets the clients' requirements," he adds. By utilizing its knowledge based on the previous implementations and a team of highly qualified SMEs, Smijay Technologies first understands the customers' existing system and then designs solutions in a way that would be the most accurate transformation into the Salesforce ecosystem. Furthermore, by
using multiple quality assurance tools coupled with a very agile development process, Smijay Technologies ensures that its clients would get the most out of their Salesforce implementation.

Business Digitization
"The first step in our digitalization process was the development of our company website, which was de-signed with an important goal to make it the spitting image of our organization," says Saket. Along with the services enlisted on the website, there is a provision for customers/Salesforce enthusiasts to contact the company. This has helped Smijay Technologies in creating a very comfortable, efficient, and productive environment and has facilitated the company to connect with the Sales-force community at a time when meeting new people was next to impossible.

We take extreme pride in our work and ensue that our customers get the best of service at all times. After all, it is our clients success that justifies our success

Quality over Quantity
"Our motto is to `Build Relationships with Trust'. We gain the trust of customers by giving them a quality to be relied upon. In other words, it's Quality over Quantity. We also focus on Work-life balance for employees; therefore, we have certain programs in place to ensure this. Lastly, our processes are kept as transparent as possible for both employees and customers as this has been the major factor in building a strong foundation for our organization," explains Saket speaking about the differentiating factors of Smijay Technologies.

The Road ahead
"Along with customer's satisfaction, our other major focus is to provide a nurturing work environment which would help in enabling the personal growth of everyone involved in the organization. While our main service areas currently include core Sales-force services, we are also planning to increase our focus in the product development landscape," concludes Saket.